6 ways to stay motivated when your sales willpower is dwindling

6 ways to stay motivated when your sales willpower is dwindling

Customer rejection and hearing ‘no’ can make sales a challenging and testing profession. While it is normal to feel down at times, keep in mind that you have to hear many no's before you will hear that all important yes. Here are some small-yet-powerful ways to stay motivated.

"You can achieve virtually anything you want – if you're willing to hear 'no' often enough," says Andrea Waltz, co-author of Go for No!

1. Recall your previous crowning moments
In times of rejection, think back to that feeling of accomplishment when you secured your last sale or donor (fundraising). What steps did you take to attain such success? How many people did you speak to? What extra effort did you make? Speak to your mentor or coach to find out how you can improve. Loneliness and self-doubt can sometimes cloud your judgment and prevent you from seeing how you made a difference so working with your mentor or coach is really important.

2. Write and re-phrase your goals into headlines
Do you have a list of things that you want to achieve? Try giving that list a different twist by turning each goal into a headline. For example:
Goal: to acheive10 sales this week
Headline: “John achieves 10 sales and takes family on day trip at the weekend”
Creating a headline will make you feel as if you have already achieved your goal. Being positive will also do wonders for your motivation.

3. Disregard your inner critic
Many salespeople do not take risks because they let their inner critic defeat them. To change your thoughts from destructive to constructive, try recording your favourite quotations on your phone. If you are in need of a quick motivational boost while in the field, listen to the sound of your own voice and realize that you have the power to do amazing things.

4. Rely on others to uplift your spirit
You don’t have to go too far to feel inspired. A mere search on YouTube will yield hundreds of inspiring videos made by fellow salespeople. Learn how they handle tough days.

5. Get physical
Do your best to not overlook your physical state as it is directly linked to your mental state. When you’re feeling ill or exhausted, there’s a high chance for you to lose enthusiasm too. Embracing a physical routine will help counteract negative emotions. Start your day by exercising or meditating and you will see the difference.

6. Reward yourself
Don’t feel guilty about incentivising yourself for a job well done. Happy feelings associated with rewarding yourself can have a lasting impact where you strive to repeat the process and seek the same feelings again. Create a wish list and set some goals around them. Rewarding yourself for reaching your goals and accomplishments can be a powerful solution to staying motivated.
What other personal routines do you employ when your sales willpower is dwindling?

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