Appco Korea manager thrives on company energy

Appco Korea manager thrives on company energy

Client account manager Charlotte Kim says the energy of other people in the company, along with her own personal development have been key motivating factors in her commitment to Appco Korea.

1. What brought you to Appco Korea?
I was aware of Appco’s strong relationship with the charities sector, and saw joining the company as a way to be involved in work that genuinely helped people.
My previous work in consumer goods had shown me that my outgoing personality and humour worked well in jobs that involved managing and cooperating with partner companies, so moving to Appco gave me an opportunity to develop that.

3. Describe your role at Appco.
If there were two islands, one being Appco Korea and the other being the clients, my role is like a bridge between them, communicating ideas and opinions between the two. i’m connected to every department in head office and marketing companies.

4. What motivates you?
When I participated in Appco’s Asian rally in 2015, I remember been inspired by the enthusiastic atmosphere and the goals of the already successful business leaders.
Seeing and feeling the energy in that dynamic group has motivated me to work as hard as I can and aim as high as possible.

5. What achievements have you been particularly proud of at Appco?
The first thing I did on joining the company was create a system in the Client Account Management department. As a result, not only is the department organised and ordered, there is consistency that ensures good communication with clients.

6. What have you gained from your time at Appco?
Working at the company has helped me to grow up. When I see Kim Yong, the country’s organisational head, I’m struck by his energy and how he faces challenges. His positivity has changed how I approach goals in both my professional and personal life.

7. What have you learnt that you’d like to pass on?
My greatest advice is to have confidence and conviction. If you have conviction in your field, then that is a great step towards success. The best chance you have of persuading other people is by believing in your own message.