Don’t focus on your goals. Lift your standards instead

Don’t focus on your goals. Lift your standards instead

Having goals is like dreaming. The more you think about your dreams, the bigger they will become. However, we sometimes have the tendency to focus too much on our goals that we forget things far more important – our standards.

We must not overlook our standards because they are the keys to our goals. If we are fine having low standards, mediocrity will be our way of life. If you’re nonchalant about your time management, or if you do not care about your client retention rate, it won’t take long before people notice that you really do not want to work for your goals. It is important to notice, too, that successful people reach their levels not just because they had big goals, but also because of their high standards.

How do you match your standards to your goals?

Decide what your goals are and work backwards. Instead of thinking “I will become more responsible with time once I get that promotion,” think the other way around. Imagine that you have already reached that goal, that’s why you need to lift your standards around time management.

Reach your goals by focusing on the process and living up to the required standards. If you follow the process correctly, your goals will unquestionably come to you. There might be millions of factors that are relevant to your daily situation, but if you want to succeed, the initial step is to upgrade your habits.

Do you have the right mentality?

To welcome good things in your life, it is important to have the ‘taking-on-challenge’ mentality. If you don’t have this mentality, there’s a great chance that you will soon perceive your job as mundane.  If you keep on doing the same tasks, you will certainly get better and people will start needing you more. The question is: can you be that person?

If you are hungry for more opportunities, the answer must be a resounding ‘yes’. Change your mentality and attitude towards your responsibility. Don’t look at it as a burden but as a platform for development.  You must understand that there is no reason for you to be promoted if your organisation stays at the same level.

Are you keeping in touch with the people around you?

You might have too much on your plate but it shouldn’t isolate you from the people in your organisation. It is vital to stop what you’re doing at times and tune in to the desires of your managers and colleagues.

Ask your superiors about their aspirations. Jot down some ideas about how you will help achieve those goals. Communication is essential because sometimes, your priority is not always aligned with your managers’ goals.  

Observe how your colleagues work too. The better you know them, the more you can support each other to grow in the business. Spending time with them is also a great way to remove barriers that can hinder your company’s success.

Are you an effective timekeeper?

To lift your standards, you must be good at time management as this will allow you to take on more challenges. Be aware of your work style in order for you to prevent weaknesses from crippling you. Plan your day in advance, work on your priority list, and be prepared for any obstacles that you might face throughout the day. Allot an hour or two of ‘free time’ in case there are matters that need urgent attention.

When it comes to productivity, a commonly neglected factor is the workspace. Keep your space simple and place everything (phone, printer, etc.) in reachable distance because every minute counts.

Are you positively competitive?

There is nothing wrong with showing your work to others. A painter is not known as a painter until their works of art are shown in the gallery. Sit down with your managers for an evaluation meeting and present your best results and achievements to them. Be recognised! What’s important is to be positively competitive. This means that you want to succeed to inspire others, and not to belittle their capabilities.

Lastly, hard work deserves a reward. Don’t forget to appreciate yourself every time you achieve your standards. Treat each reward as a means of recharging your ‘battery’ – you deserve it.

Contributed by Joanne Ng, Regional Business Support Manager, Appco Group Asia.