Independent contractor Kim Da Young makes one of her life goals a reality

Independent contractor Kim Da Young makes one of her life goals a reality

I am…

Hello, I’m Kim Da Young, a former independent contractor with the Appco Group Korea network. I joined Appco Korea because I wanted to learn new languages, meet and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and eventually learn how to run and manage my own business.
Appco Korea is part of the global Appco Group, which has more than 800 locations in 29 countries. Appco opened in Korea in 2012, becoming the seventh country in the Appco Group Asia network. Appco Group Asia was established in 1995 in Malaysia where the headquarters for the region is based.

How did I join Appco Group Canada?

One of my life goals was to apply for a working holiday programme abroad. I was inspired by speaking to Kim Yong, Acting Country Head of South Korea, who told me about his incredible experience with Appco in Australia. I asked Yong if I could go and experience Appco in Canada, and he encouraged and helped me to make this incredible opportunity a reality.

Appco Group Canada is…
Part of the global Appco Group and was established in 2011 in Canada’s largest city Toronto – now its head office. With its diverse ethnic and cultural background, central location and home to a large number of corporate head offices, Toronto has so far proven to be an exciting location.

Appco Group Founder Chris Niarchos recently visited Appco Group Canada and praised it and Korea for being the fastest-growing countries in the global organisation. This gave me immense encouragement. I am incredibly blessed to have had the chance to work in both countries.

Why do I want to run my own business?

As a self-employed independent contractor with Appco Group Canada, I have been consistently given wonderful opportunities to excel. There is a structured approach to career development moving from a sales and marketing role (independent contractor) all the way through to leadership/management positions, ultimately, if you choose, business ownership. Having practically unlimited earning potential is good, but what’s better is the knowledge that my career can advance rapidly as long as I am willing to put in the work. I don’t have to worry about seniority and other restrictions that are common in most industries.

What advice would you give to other independent contractors?

My motto in life is: “It is better to regret doing something rather than having regrets doing nothing at all.” I believe it’s far better to do your best and do something instead of being idle. Even if you don’t always have the assurance that you’ll be successful, you can be at peace because you know you did something. If you are determined to learn then you will do great things. This is my belief.

I want to say…

Armed with my education from Appco Group Korea and my new English communication skills from Appco Group Canada, I am now more excited than ever to learn about running and building my own business and the new skills it will bring with it such as, leadership and team work. I am grateful beyond words because I’m going through the best experience.