Perspective adjustment about work

Perspective adjustment about work

If there are no challenges in your work, is it worth working for?

In my opinion, work always comes with hidden challenges. That’s why companies hire in the first place – they need someone to provide solutions and overcome challenges.

Some challenges are physical, but more often than not, they are mental. To overcome any type of challenge, you need to crawl out of your comfort zone and think outside the box.

Let me share my personal experience with you…

I was born in India and did my basic schooling in a vibrant city called Hyderabad. Later, I travelled to Australia, where I graduated with a degree in information technology (IT).

Now, here’s the twist. For my first full-time job, I joined the contractor network of an international face-to-face sales and marketing company as a self-employed field representative in Canberra, Australia. For a fresh IT graduate, the decision was out of the ordinary, and my best friend told me I was crazy.

However, I soldiered on through a tough first few weeks, feeling completely out of my comfort zone. And that is when I learnt the most important lesson in life: it is not what you do that makes a difference; it is what you get by doing what you are doing that is far more important.

As a field representative, I approached customers in shopping centres, introducing them to Commonwealth Bank of Australia credit cards.

Every day, three words would summarise my activities in face-to-face sales and marketing:
1.    Rejections (70%)
2.    Objections (20%)
3.    Sales (10%)

It was a painful process when you look at it like that, but through the experience, I learnt and mastered the following:
1.    Patience
2.    Great customer service
3.    Communication skills
4.    Ability to adapt to customers
5.    Maintaining my positive attitude.

Compared to what I was learning, what I was doing was nothing. I enjoyed my role because I focused on what I was gaining by dealing with the challenges tossed my way, rather than focusing on the physical process.

This is my tenth year in this business. I now run a huge face-to-face sales and marketing organisation, spanning two countries and I’m set to enter another five countries in the coming years.

My experience tells me that we all need a perspective adjustment when dealing with work. If we change the way we think about what we are doing versus what we are learning then we can change the outcome and our future.

Vishnu Annapareddy, Organisational Head, Centurion Marketing Group, Malaysia.