Skills development: one independent contractor’s journey to becoming a top performer

Skills development: one independent contractor’s journey to becoming a top performer

Being a professional fundraiser entails hard work and dedication. While some days are not as smooth-sailing as the others, Bernice Tan, a self-employed independent contractor with Appco Group Singapore, proves that nothing is tough for someone who is positive and optimistic. 

Bernice has been representing SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home for a year and has consistently been a top-performing fundraiser for the charity over the last six months. Her drive to achieve excellent results is a major factor in why she’s now leading a team of six fundraisers.

She never thought that she would do so well as an independent contractor. After graduating from university, Bernice devoted her time to helping her father’s company with administrative tasks. Her desire to step out of her comfort zone and to gain more exposure eventually led her to becoming a self-employed independent contractor.

As a self-confessed “reserved individual” who struggles to translate her thoughts to words, Bernice now enjoys her newfound confidence. “With hard work and having the constant self-belief that you're able to achieve something more than you can imagine, nothing is impossible,” she said.

What she enjoys most about being an independent contractor is meeting people from all walks of life. It’s her task to educate members of the public about SASCO and their work to improve the lives of the elderly destitute in Singapore and to acquire long-term donors for them.

Bernice dreams of giving the best for her family. She has goals to expand her father’s enterprise in a few years’ time. Bernice also enjoys the flexibility of the self-employment model, which allows her to work at her own pace, contribute to society by representing SASCO, and the opportunity to grow and develop her entrepreneurship skills at the same time.

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