The six promises we need to make daily to be successful in direct sales

The six promises we need to make daily to be successful in direct sales

1. I will be brave
Eight out of 10 times our fear of sales happens before we meet the customer. Most new sales executives or independent contractors do encounter anxiety or fear before meeting new customers in a direct sales environment be it residential, events, streets or business-to-business.  An analogy would be someone doing a bungee jump or skydive, there is fear in advance but the fear turns into exhilaration afterwards.  We need to learn to be brave and control negative thoughts. We should adopt Nike’s tagline and apply it when doing sales, “Just Do It”.

2. I will have perseverance
In sales, we all need to have an attitude of not giving up. We must have perseverance. My definition of perseverance is doing something you are passionate about and giving your all. Furthermore, in my opinion many sales professionals, entrepreneurs and scientists possess perseverance in their work.

3. I will be patient
Sales is a numbers business. I need to achieve my KPI’s daily and this requires patience. As the saying goes, “patience is a virtue” and I firmly believe in this. People usually fail in sales as they lack the patience to learn. To successfully achieve your sales target, you need to be patient.

4. I will be honest
In sales, customers can predict your intentions clearly. I have seen professionals who sideline their customer’s questions or have a hidden agenda when speaking to customers. This might work in the short-term but this isn’t viable long term.  

5. I will listen attentively
This is a widely known fact, yet it is shocking how many sales are lost due to the ignorance of sales professionals. A couple of days ago, a customer informed my colleague that she’s familiar with the client’s product and service; my colleague ignored this question and went on to explain what our clients do, which was frustrating for the customer. Therefore, it is important to listen attentively to your customer so you can respond appropriately.

6. I will be enthusiastic
When I first started direct sales, my trainer gave me a great piece of advice that I always remind myself of, which is “enthusiasm sells like nothing else”. No one wants to talk or buy from a negative or demotivated sales professional. Customers have always bought from me due to my enthusiasm.

Organisational Head Vishnu Annapareddy, Centurion Marketing Group in Malaysia.