Today’s leaders need vision and action

Today’s leaders need vision and action

There are thousands of definitions of leadership, and hundreds of books written on the subject. I recently came across a great one called 'Start with why’, which made me rethink what makes a leader today.

Competition in 2016 is at an all-time high in every industry and the main point of difference between competing companies is leadership.

According to author Simon Sinek, leaders in 2016 are the ones who can do the following two things effectively:

1. Imagine a world that does not exist yet

2. Communicate that vision to a team and inspire them to take action

His point is that if you are just a visionary, then you are not a leader. If you want to be a leader in 2016, you need to be able to identify future opportunities and communicate them to your people, so they can take action.

Leadership matters more in 2016 than ever before, and it’s essential for us to look beyond the present and focus on what could be, and take action to make that happen.

Vishnu Annapareddy, Centurion Organisation, is a partner to Appco Group Asia, conducting face-to-face sales and fundraising for Appco’s clients in both Malaysia and The Philippines.