With Appco Korea since the start

With Appco Korea since the start

Simon Hwang gave up his job as a chef to join the Appco Korea network as an independent contractor when the company launched in 2012.
Watching the quick success of the company over the last four years has been a key motivator for Simon, who has since moved from an independent contractor role to a member of the support team.
Simon is a field development trainer, mentoring those just getting their start in the industry.

What brought you to Appco?
I had been working as a chef in an Italian restaurant in Japan when I met Kim Yong – Appco Korea’s organistational head – who at that time was just bringing people on board.
From everything he said, it seemed that the company would present a lot of opportunities, so I took the plunge and began my sales career with Appco Korea.

What was it like when you started out?
I’m not going to lie, at the beginning my sales score was significantly low. I was pretty hard on myself, and was disappointed, but decided to try another week.
It was definitely a lesson in commitment, because as soon as I doubled my efforts, my sales results reflected that hard work.

Is it special for you having been there since the beginning?
Definitely. It’s been amazing to see the company grow up so fast. When I see successful people within Appco Korea’s network, I’m proud because I know it means I’m doing my job well.

Are there any special memories you have with the company?
Just seeing how people in the industry help others coming. Even when those people are facing their own challenges, they are always willing to give advice. They tell me that they were given help, so it’s important for them to pass that on to others.

What advice do you have based on your experience at Appco?
As a field development trainer, people ask me how to mentor, and what information they need to pass on. I would say practice is the key, and to lead by example. Many people think they are not good teachers, but by simply putting in the effort into your own role, you will improve your ability to show others what to do as well.

What have you gained from being at Appco?
I have developed so much with Appco Korea, I have an inextricable relationship with the company. The energy at Appco Korea inspires me, and makes me enjoy working hard.