African farmers benefit from new trees thanks to Appco Sweden

Appco Group Sweden is recruiting donors to support small-scale farmers in the Lake Victoria Basin area in Eastern Africa through a partnership with Vi Agroforestry.

Fundraisers working with Appco Group Sweden have been working with Vi Agroforestry since October 2014 to recruit new regular donors and to increase awareness in Sweden of the non-governmental organisation’s work.

“We are very pleased with Appco’s effort,” says Anna-Maria Broman Ek, Fundraising Manager, Vi Agroforestry. “We have received many new donors who support us regularly, while a large number of people have learned more about our important work to reduce hunger and poverty in East Africa.

“We look forward to continue our partnership and to increase the number of donors who want to make a difference around Lake Victoria.”

For more information, visit Vi Agroforestry’s website: