Appco UK owner moves Stateside to help build US business

On Joakim Nordin’s first day as a self-employed field representative in England, he was told the role could give him the opportunity to move the United States one day.

Five and a half years later, he’s managing an Appco USA events office in Orange County (OC), California, and says life couldn’t be better.

“In 2011, when I was 22, I moved to England from Sweden,” Joakim says.

"I was meant to stay for year, and didn’t really have a lot of plans. My goal was to watch a lot of football, and that was about it."

But after two weeks in Britain, he started contracting with a marketing company in the Appco UK network in Manchester.

"On my first day, it was mentioned to me that Appco was expanding in America and some people may be offered a chance to move over there eventually,” he says.

"That was something that definitely stayed in my mind. It started as a dream, then it turned into a goal and now, five years on, it’s a reality."

Appco UK’s business model is based on giving self-employed people opportunities to build their own careers. Those who have ambition, drive and an aptitude for sales can progress quite quickly within the contractor network.

Joakim became a company owner within 18 months. He spent three years co-managing a very successful independent marketing company in Guildford (pictured, right, with UK business partner Jon Fremaux) and, in May this year, he was given the chance to help Appco build its business in California.

The move has not been without challenges – getting used to a new culture has sometimes proved as testing as adapting to new methods of business.

“I was running a residential sales office in England, and now I’m running an events office in the US. It’s a different method of selling; instead of speaking to people in their homes, I’m doing organised events to meet members of the public.”

But Joakim says the challenge has also been confidence building because he has seen how much of his UK experience is transferable to American life.

“There are some differences, but you realise that your experience is very valuable, and it’s easy to take with you into any other country.”

As far as life in America goes, Joakim said he had big expectations before arriving, and they had all been exceeded.

“It’s definitely even better than I thought. How well the company has done since I got here is far above my expectations.

“We have 15 field sales people in the office already, which is very positive, and we’re looking to boost that to 20 within the next few weeks.”

Beyond the near future, Joakim is looking no higher than the very top.

“I’m definitely going for the number-one spot in America, running the biggest office here!”