Chris Niarchos discusses the fundamentals of learning and adapting in running a company in the global economy.

In his latest blog post, Chris Niarchos, Founder and Chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies shares his views on the current global economic situation and its implications. 
It began with UK’s decision to leave the EU, the impact on European economies and the slowdown of countries like Brazil and China, shows that the world is going through significant economic changes.

As a result, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) revised their forecast of global trade growth down by over a third. The organisation, which initially estimated a 2.8 percent increase in April, changed this to 1.7 percent more recently.

Chris encourages companies to take a step back and educate themselves.

Chris says, “To me, the WTO figures reinforce the fact that corporations have to be ready to adapt and innovate whenever they are met with difficulties.”

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