field&flower makes big strides with Appco UK

Appco Group UK Home Delivery’s partnership with field&flower is off to a flying start, with the campaign tripling in size and hitting key milestones within weeks of its launch.

field&flower delivers grass-fed, free-range meat from Somerset farms right to customers’ doors. It began its partnership with Appco UK in February, with field representatives promoting the product and signing customers in London.

Within just four weeks of the launch, field representatives hit the milestone of signing 100 customers in a week. And within six weeks, the number of field representatives working on the campaign had increased from four to 12 due to customer demand.

field&flower is now looking to expand on its success with Appco in London, by launching the campaign in Bristol at the end of April.

James Mansfield and James Flower, who co-founded field&flower in 2009, said they were looking forward to building the business through the Appco partnership.

“With their residential expertise we’ll grow our existing customer base with high-quality customers who love grass-fed meat across the UK, it’s a very exciting partnership for everyone involved in field&flower.”