Fundraisers to gain first-hand experience in Kenya 

Two top-performing fundraisers have been invited to Kenya by World Vision to witness first-hand the work the charity does, and how communities benefit from regular donations secured through door-to-door fundraising.

Jermaine Thompson and Natalie Chapman were hand-picked by World Vision – one of AGS Global Fundraising Services' charity partners – because of their passion for, and outstanding commitment to, raising funds for the charity.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the difference World Vision makes to the communities in Kenya and I’m excited to meet the sponsored children, to see the difference that we have made and to see the long-term change in their communities,” said Natalie. 

“This trip will also benefit us when we’re speaking to potential donors, as we can describe from first-hand experience the difference World Vision makes and how regular donations can help to make a long-term change to a whole community.” 

Jermaine added: “I’m looking forward to meeting the locals in the communities and seeing how the donations have helped them. The experience is unique and I’m sure it will provide a number of new tools I can draw on and share with my peers.” 

Richard Lawrence, National Manager, Face to Face & Telemarketing, World Vision UK said: “AGS Global Fundraising Services (AGS GFS) is our trusted partner in recruiting new long-term donors for World Vision.

“Every day the fundraisers working with AGS GFS tell inspiring stories to move people to sponsor a child. Thanks to AGS Global Fundraising Services thousands of children are sponsored every year, allowing World Vision to bring real hope to the world's poorest children.”