Monthly Giving highlights why face-to-face fundraising works for charities

A powerful article on Monthly Giving website highlights why face-to-face fundraising works for charities.

The article explains why face-to-face fundraising is often a more effective method of fundraising for charities than a letter, phone call, or ads on TV, billboards, radio or online – all of which are easy to overlook – because face-to-face engages people in conversations about the cause and every donation is quantifiable.

The article also highlights the significant returns on investment charities gain from face-to-face and debunks the common myths and misconceptions around the method, including how much charities "should" spend on running costs.

This supports the recent TED talk by Juanita Wheeler, in which she explains why charities need to invest in the long-term to achieve their goals and support their causes.

Read the full Monthly Giving article.