The difference between leadership and management

In a two-part blog series, Appco Group UK Senior Call Centre Manager Glendon Evarts explores the difference between leadership and management, and the importance of developing your team’s potential.

First things first – let’s distinguish between leadership and management. The two are different, yet work hand in hand, and to be effective, you need a good balance of both.

In my opinion, team management is a process. As managers, we understand what our end goal is, we put processes in place and we make sure our teams have the tools they need to succeed. Just because this set-up is in place, doesn’t mean you have built the culture or the work ethic to execute the process efficiently. Welcome to the world of leadership.

As a passionate leader, I know that having the perfect process is just one element of successfully leading a team. The biggest challenge is maintaining a motivated and inspired team – a team that will execute your process to such a level that it exceeds all expectation. When times are tough and the workload is overwhelming, it can be easy to rely on management over leadership.

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