Adrian Chua is Asia’s newest Organisational Head

Congratulations to Adrian Chua who became Asia’s newest Organisational Head at the Asian Convention 2015!

Over 1,500 people from across Asia, plus visiting guests from six countries including six Vice Presidents attended the event of the year to recognise the achievements and success of top performers across Asia’s sales and marketing network.

Adrian joined the business in November 2003 as an independent contractor in the telecommunication division. Adrian was promoted to Ownership in 12 months. In 2012, Adrian received his promotion to Senior Promoting Owner and was made Country Manager of Singapore the same year. As a Country Manager, Adrian played a major role in inspiring and driving Singapore’s growth and development together with the senior management team. In 2015, Adrian received his Organisational Head promotion. Today, Adrian runs an organisation of around 500 people spread across Singapore and Malaysia.

Huge congratulations to all the attendees - especially to Asia’s newest Organisational Head Adrian Chua. Terrence Tey won the Owner and Marketing Office of the Year award third year in a row. In addition, both Adrian and Terrence received the Chairmans Club award. Kang Young Min and Kim Won Sik were awarded the New Owner and Marketing Office of the Year award for 2015 together with the Rising Star award. The Recruiters and Administrators awards went to Amy Lim who took home the esteemed award for Organisational Head Administrator while Yeo Yi Hui received the award for Recruiter and Administrator of the Year.

The Asian Convention 2015 was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia on 25 November 2015 and was hosted by Vice President and Executive Director of Appco Group Asia James Greaves. The event marked the 20th anniversary of Appco Group Asia!

Check out the photos from the event at Appco Group Asia's Facebook page.