Indonesian Heart Foundation promotes nutrition on World Heart Day

Indonesian Heart Foundation, a long-time partner of Appco Group Indonesia, celebrated World Heart Day 2015 with a meaningful ‘Food for the Heart’ activity in Senayan, Jakarta.

The charity is known locally as ‘Yayasan Jantung Indonesia (YJI)’ is the country’s pioneer organisation when it comes to the promotion of heart health.

The Food for the Heart event aimed to educate people on how nutritional balance and regular exercise could prevent cardiovascular diseases, and included demonstration of exercise routines for various ages. There were also sessions on how to use the YJI Basic Life Support (CPR), free health checks, cooking demonstrations and food tasting.

Appco Group Indonesia has partnered with YJI since 2006, and not only raises funds for the charity, but also contributes to the charity’s healthy lifestyle campaign. Its fundraising ambassadors consistently acquire committed donors whose assistance sustains YJI’s pursuits. To date, Appco has raised IDR54billion (US$3.9million) for the foundation.

“Since June 2006, we have collaborated with Appco Group Indonesia, an international direct marketing company to raise funds. We feel the partnership that has been established with Appco Group Indonesia is beneficial and has really helped increase vital donations for our programmes,” said YJI Vice President Mia Hanafiah.

While the non-profit group’s primary mission is to inform the public, YJI also helps financially challenged individuals obtain life-saving heart operations.  

To find out more about the charity’s mission, please visit its official website.