Singapore Heart Foundation lauds Appco Group Singapore for exuberance

Appco Group Singapore’s SHF team recently visited the SHF Heart Wellness Centre in Bishan, to attend the Quarter Two Award Ceremony and explore the centre’s innovative range of facilities.

The team members were also exposed to an hour-long awareness course on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator). The course was led by SHF’s certified instructors Ms Denise Ng and Ms Geraldine Heng. To reinforce the key life-saving message, top fundraisers were given SHF’s Mini Anne CPR+AED Kit and a training manual for them to practise on their own.

The SHF Heart Wellness Centre and the SHF-LIA Heart Health Hub are the only two community-based cardiac rehabilitation centres, dedicated to delivering quality and affordable phase 3 & 4 rehabilitation programmes in Singapore. The centres help recovering cardiac patients and at-risk individuals to better manage their condition. The non-profit charitable organisation aims to become the country’s leading heart health movement by continuously educating community members, following the government’s initiative in 2011 – to ‘train one million people in CPR by the year 2020'.

Appco Group Singapore supports SHF’s vision through the Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP). The group enlists professional and passionate face-to-face fundraisers and since August 2007, they have recruited more than 10,000 active donors.

Appco is on track to exceed its target number of donors in 2015. Through DDDP, donors can choose to extend financial help in various frequencies - monthly, half-yearly, or annually, while some opt to make one-time donations.

Led by Senior Promoting Owner and Co-Country Manager of Appco Singapore Adrian Chua, team members encourage potential donors through two channels - events and streets.

Chief Executive Officer of SHF, Mr Vernon Kang has previously lauded the group for its dedication. He said, “Fundraising is never an easy task, and we are very appreciative of Appco’s enthusiasm and hard work. Thank you Appco and we look forward to a continued fruitful partnership.”

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